Diamond Brokerage

All of the client associates at Prospect Jewelers strive to personally work with each customer to guide them in their selections as if they were purchasing for themselves. The first step in beginning our search for you is to determine the size of the gemstone you are looking for.  Remember… as in many things in life … SIZE does count!!!

Next we look at the cut of the stone.  This part of the search is the factor that gives the diamond its beauty, fire and personality.  At Prospect Jewelers, we only select the premium cuts.  CUT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT DECISION YOU WILL MAKE.  A well cut diamond will perform well with regular wear regardless if it is clean or dirty.  If you are considering a fancy cut or a non-round cut diamond, you should not make this choice by the numbers alone.  And here’s where your Prospect Jewelers’ adviser is critical. 

We generally recommend an F to J color on a round stone and an F-G color on all others since fancy cuts tend to show more of the body color than a round.

Clarity is a matter of negotiation and leverage to achieve the balance of size and price.  A carefully selected I1 clarity diamond with well-located prongs and inclusions that are well-hidden can provide you with a much larger stone than you might think.

We recommend caution in solely relying too heavily on the certification papers of a diamond without a physical inspection and actually comparing each stone with a similarly graded item.