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History is filled with true legends that stand the test of time, actors, singers, artists, statesmen, and lovers. But when it comes to diamonds, only one legendary region comes to mind, South Africa, since 1872 the source for the world’s most incredible diamonds.

The South African Diamond represents a return to an era of elegance, simplicity, and timeless quality. The rough diamonds from which our premier selection have been cut are supplied under guarantee from the world's most prestigious diamond mining company, certifying that these diamonds were mined in an environmentally friendly manner and have no association with any of the world's conflict areas. Our diamonds are cut to the highest of standards and are hand finished. Accordingly, the entire collection has been under the personal control of our South African diamond gem cutters until it arrives at our store, We can therefore guarantee that every diamond is natural and untreated.

Our diamonds have been cut to meet our impeccable standards resulting in a diamond of truly outstanding beauty.