2022     Three Reasons Why Your Family Heirloom Jewelry Needs An Update

2022 Three Reasons Why Your Family Heirloom Jewelry Needs An Update

Our heritage can be shared and passed down over the years through jewelry.
The precious metals and gemstones that make up your heirlooms flow through the generations of your family and tell the tale of your lineage. It is important to keep these stories alive and honor the people that made it possible for you to be here.
The history of your family should be celebrated and shown off! However, you are likely to come across a few problems while trying to wear and enjoy your Great-great-great-great-great-grandmother's necklace or ear bobs.

These are the reasons why you need to bring your family heirloom jewelry to the Master Jeweler, Rob Prince, at PROSPECT JEWELERS LEGACY.

1) The styles are often out of date.

The highly stylized ring that once belonged to your grandmother might have been all the rage......in the 1960s. While trends evolve over time, so does your personal taste. Even though you love that ring and everything it reminds you of, it just doesn't fit your lifestyle.

2) The piece is beyond restoration.

Boy howdy, has that old diamond brooch seen its fair share of life, or what?! The diamonds still look great, (if they haven't fallen out yet), but the prongs are all mangled and catch the fabric of all your clothes. Maybe the gemstones in your great-aunt's bracelet are cracked or broken and need replaced entirely. It would be such a drag to look down at a dull and fragmented old bracelet that you once couldn't take your eyes off of as a child.

3) You need to add your story to your family's legacy.

You were so happy to inherit your mother's favorite necklace. A symbol of her love will always be close to your heart. What about YOUR daughter? Adding a touch of your personality to that necklace would increase its sentimental value tenfold!

It is time to celebrate your love, life, and legacy!
We begin by discussing the history and meaning represented in these pieces in order to update and refine your cherished treasures. You will not just have a fresh and fashionable piece of jewelry, but an heirloom and a story you and your family can share and enjoy for years!

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