2022/10 Ancient Roman Glass Jewelry

2022/10 Ancient Roman Glass Jewelry


Almost 2,000 years ago, the Roman Empire was the birthplace of new glass blowing techniques used to create items like plates, vases, bowls, and jars. Today, this ancient glass can be recovered in archaeological sites in Israel, which was a major center for glass production during ancient times.

Because Roman Glass jewelry is made of fragments of these ancient hand-blown glass object, each piece varies in shape, thickness and color. Every piece of Roman Glass jewelry is one-of-a-kind.


The striking colors found in Roman Glass jewelry come from a thin natural layer called the "patina" that formed over the course of centuries as the glass lay in mineral-rich soil. Through a process of oxidation, the patina developed these beautiful and complex shades of blue, green, and other colors.


Skilled artisans carefully choose ancient glass fragments, clean them to reveal their colorful natural patina, cut and shape the glass, and mount the glass to make a finished piece of top-quality jewelry. Designers craft jewelry that calls to mind the ancient past, in a wide variety of modern styles.


Like other fine jewels, ancient Roman Glass should be treated with care to preserve its natural beauty.

Avoid exposing your Roman Glass jewelry to chemicals or immersing it in water. A bit of rain won't hurt, but the manufacturer recommends removing your Roman Glass jewelry before bathing or swimming. If exposed to water, the color of the patina may be altered temporarily; please wit for the glass to dry.

Pieces with inlaid Roman Glass can easily be cleaned with reliable silver jewelry cleansers.

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