TIMELESS, TRENDY, CLASSIC -  5 Reasons Pearls NEVER Go Out of Style

TIMELESS, TRENDY, CLASSIC -  5 Reasons Pearls NEVER Go Out of Style

However, its classy and sophisticated appearance isn’t the only reason why pearls will never go out of style. From its remarkable origin and formation to the deep symbolism it represents, there are several reasons why pearls continue to be a staple piece in every woman’s jewelry box today.

Keep reading to find out what makes this precious gemstone so special.

  1. Can be worn on any occasion. Probably the best thing about pearls is that they can be worn on any occasion. Whether you are running errands, going to the office, or attending a wedding, any type of pearl jewelry will be appropriate. Don’t forget to combine it with a matching bracelet and pair of earrings for a full effect.


  1. Suits every fashion taste and age. One of the biggest misconceptions people have about pearls is that they are suitable only for elderly women. However, times have changed and now this beautiful gemstone looks great on every sophisticated woman looking for minimalist jewelry, to an influencer wanting to add a touch of flair, and the young girl with an edgy fashion style, they are always suited for every age and fashion style.


  1. Men can wear them too. Seen on the red carpet on celebrities and style icons like Pharrell Williams and Harry Styles, pearls are now the perfect way for a man to make a fashion statement.  The bigger the better as size DOES matter to bring out their masculinity and make the jewelry stand out more as an accessory. Besides wearing them in the form of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, men also wear pearls in the form of cufflinks and tie tacks.
  2. Come in many styles. Versatility is another strong characteristic of pearls. You can find this jewel in many styles, shapes, colors, and sizes, all of which have their own unique qualities that make them greatly sought after.


  1. Have multiple symbolic meanings. Typically, the symbolic meaning of pearls is defined by their color. For example, white is a symbol of unconditional love and the special bond shared between loved ones. It is because of this reason that pearls are most often given as gifts to girlfriends, sisters, mothers, and grandmothers for special occasions as it expresses true love.   Black pearls are one of the most mysterious-looking of all colored pearls, representing mystery, independence, strength, and riches. Pink pearls are soft and romantic, symbolizing energy, success, romance, and good fortune.

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