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26ct Pink Fantasy Cut Topaz Gemstone

26ct Pink Fantasy Cut Topaz Gemstone

#270-150   Fabulous 26.6 ct fantasy cut pink topaz measuring 15mm x 20mm x 9.55mm sparkles with personality and presence. Sorry these photos just don't do it justice.  Flaunt it on a finger or necklace. Eye catching and boldmounting is needed to show off this beauty! Color enhancements such as this stone are common.

Topaz is a stone that has been revered by humankind for millennia. It is a mellow, empathic crystal that soothes, heals, and recharges. Topaz promotes forgiveness and truth. It cuts through doubt and uncertainty, giving you the power to follow your dreams.

Call Rob Prince 'custom jeweler extraordinaire' and start your adventure to celebrating your uniqueness with a one-of-a-kind design with this one-of-a-kind gemstone. 502-292-2022

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