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9.62 ct Trillion Citrine Gemstone

9.62 ct Trillion Citrine Gemstone

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#270-104    8.62ct Trillion Citrine Gemstone with checkerboard top measuring 14.3mm x 14.3mm x 9.49 mm   

Citrine has been the subject of many legends and myths and have been prized by famous peoples and cultures throughout time. Citrine can be found in South American and African countries like Brazil, Bolivia, Madagascar, Tanzania, and Zambia

The November birthstone, citrine, bursts with golden glory of harvest time. Citrine takes its name from the French “citron” which means “lemon.” That description perfectly fits this sunny yellow gemstone.

Call Rob Prince 'custom jeweler extraordinaire' and start your adventure to celebrating your uniqueness with a one-of-a-kind design with this one-of-a-kind gemstone.  502-292-2022

The birthstone Citrine symbolizes:
Positivity and hope
Inspiration and self-improvement
Prosperity and abundance

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