Diamond Brokerage

With 50 years of experience as a jewelry retailer and wholesaler, master jeweler, Rob Prince, works with you one-to-one in guiding your diamond buying or selling as if it were for himself.

His first step is to determine the SIZE of the gemstone you are looking for.  Remember… as in many things in life … SIZE does count!!!

Diamond Brokerage. Let us shop for your best value and quality.

Next, we look at the CUT of the stone. CUT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT DECISION YOU WILL MAKE. so at Prospect Jewelers, we only select premium cuts since this part of the search is the factor that gives the diamond its beauty, fire, and personality.   

The COLOR of the diamond is another major part of your choice. We generally recommend an F to J color on a round stone, and an F-G color on all others, since fancy cuts tend to show more of the body color than a round.

CLARITY is a matter of negotiation and leverage used to achieve a balance of size and price.  A carefully selected I-1 clarity diamond with well-located prongs that skillfully hide inclusions can provide you with a much larger stone than you might think. Rob has been setting stones since the 1970s and understands how this too can play to your advantage.

We finally would recommend caution in SOLELY relying on the CERTIFICATION PAPERS of a diamond without a physical inspection and actually comparing each stone with a similarly graded item. Diamond certificate companies are as varied as the diamonds they certify.

As a diamond professional, Rob focuses primarily on the quality of the diamond and less on the certificate. But when it comes to trusting a specific company, most will agree that GIA is the most consistent when it comes to the grading of a diamond. International grading laboratories have been criticized for inaccurate or inconsistent grading practices.