Jewelry Appraisals

Having a 50-year solid base of practical and educational jewelry experience, Master Jeweler and store owner Rob Prince provides you with a jewelry appraisal for estate, insurance, or resale purposes, Rob is familiar with all levels of this industry and is trained in market research and analysis regarding both fashion and precious gemstone designs. 

Your treasures never leave our premises, and the turn-around time is usually 3-5 days depending on the number of items left.  Individual appraisals include cleaning, market research, photography, and both digital, and paper copy valuations. 

Estate and Valuations Consultations 
$150 per hour  - $50 minimum
Includes review and analysis of gold and silver jewelry or gemstones.

Appraisal PRICING: 

$125 and up for multi-piece ensembles 
$95 per piece for items with diamonds or gemstones  
$60 per piece for items sans gemstones
$20 per item valuation listing on our letterhead. 
$50 updates per item previously appraised by Prospect Jewelers

 Call  502-292-2022 or text 502-558-8717, for an appointment. We will provide you with the most professional and friendly service available.