How to Buy

Decide what is important to you. Many buyers opt for quality over quantity. Most wearers will tell you size matters. No kidding, like that is a big surprise. With this in mind you will likely be negotiating with the Color, Cut and Clarity to achieve the desired size diamond for your level of investment.

Our theory is always being particular about the quality of the cut. The cut is the heart of the sustainable beauty of the gemstone. Rounds are relatively easy to define cut quality. You may pay for premium cut grades, or review and understand that the numerical analysis and presentation are correct. In fancy shapes, (anything not round), the cut will need to be judged on its own, or be compared to other like cuts to determine the crispness and brilliance of the gem’s performance.

Next, bring the color up to where it is not an issue. On a round diamond this will be around a G-J color. The color on a fancy shape will need to be higher, generally F- H in color. There are always exceptions. I have seen J and K colors present themselves beautifully in certain rings.

Keep in mind any issues that affect the gemstone’s presentation or performance when it is clean and under ideal lighting, will degrade when it is worn and the gem gets dirty. Also note, color will be more apparent in a gemstone that is heavily included or poorly cut because the light leaks out due to poor refraction and brilliance pattern becomes disorganized.

Now here is your bonus round: the magic modifier, the clarity. Contrary to the cut and color there is not the same direct correlation of the clarity grade and the effect on the beauty and appearance of the diamond. Hooray! This is where you can leverage your level of investment for increased size of the gemstone. Clarity is determined by the type, size and location of the inclusions. White inclusions are favored over black inclusions. Inclusions away from the center and toward the top third of the diamond are also favored. Suppose you have a diamond graded I1 clarity and the inclusion is on the edge of the diamond and will be covered with the prong when set. You just saved 15 – 20 % and the diamond presents and looks like a clarity grade or two higher.

These are some of the tools we use in shopping for the perfect diamond for you. 40 Years of experience and long-time relationships with top suppliers in the industry allow us to zero in on the best diamond values for you. Set an appointment today for us to locate the perfect diamond for you!